Brian Cox moans he’s ‘lost his anonymity’ after Sky hit Succession ‘It’s hard’

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Cox, 75, plays foul-mouthed media tycoon, Logan Roy, in HBO’s Succession. He says the show has become an “extraordinary phenomenon” and he is unable to go anywhere without fans asking him to tell them to swear.

The Scot said Succession was originally sold to him as a “one-shot deal”, which would see his character killed off at the end of the first season.

But he later discovered during production that Logan Roy would survive.

The Scottish actor said that although he is grateful for the show, it has meant he has lost all anonymity.

In his new autobiography, Putting The Rabbit In The Hat, Cox said: “It’s about Logan Roy trying to teach his spoiled, entitled children the value of hard work…Teaching them in a way that is not always – hardly ever – moral or ethical, but teaching them nonetheless, because he wants the best for them.”

Cox insisted the show’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, and its other writers did not envisage it continuing indefinitely.

Speaking at the launch of his autobiography in St Andrews, Fife, Cox said: “I think some people, like Tony Blair, stay too long at the fair. I don’t believe in overstaying one’s welcome.

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“Succession has been a slow boil. It has now become an extraordinary phenomenon. I am hell of a grateful to the show, of course, it’s been wonderful.

“But I have lost my anonymity. I am no longer Brian Cox – I’m Logan Roy’s nice twin. So, it’s hard.”

He also said he can’t go anywhere without fans asking him to swear for them. He said: “I can’t go anywhere without people asking me to do the obvious.

“I can’t say it here – but it starts with an ‘f’ and ends with an ‘f.’ Everybody wants me to do it.”

He revealed the writers do have an “end game in sight” for the show and predicted a fifth season would be its last.

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