Bradley Cooper Revealed That His Palpable Chemistry With Lady Gaga Started Over . . . Pasta?

Bradley Explaining the Story Behind His Bond With Lady Gaga on Conan

Because no good friendship ever started over a salad . . . seriously. Just take it from Bradley Cooper: the superstar director and actor recently sat down with Conan O’Brien and opened up about the first time he hung out with his A Star Is Born costar Lady Gaga, and yes, there was pasta involved. In the reboot of the film, Bradley and Gaga play passionate lovers, but off screen, they have an incredible bond that has us wishing they were a real-life couple.

During his appearance on the late-night show, Bradley explained that he had never met Gaga in person (he had only seen her in passing), but after hearing her sing “La Vie En Rose” at a cancer benefit one night, he had to meet with her. “I went and saw her the next day, because I really didn’t even know what she looked like at all,” Bradley said. “And she was so present, open, and kind.” One thing led to another, and like any good host, Gaga asked Bradley if he was hungry, telling Conan jokingly that he “was burping and my stomach was growling.”

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