Blake Lively Pulls A Taylor Swift & Deletes All Her Instagram Pics: WTF Is Going On?

Something’s up with Blake Lively! The actress wiped her Instagram completely clean on April 30, and everyone wants to know WTF is up. Well, we think we have an idea…

Blake Lively confused her millions of fans when she deleted everything off her Instagram on April 30. All the photos on the 30-year-old’s page have disappeared, and she’s mysteriously only following 28 people who are all named Emily Nelson. She also changed her bio to read, “What happened to Emily?” WTF is going on here?! Well, it turns out that Blake is starring in an upcoming movie called A Simple Favor, and her character’s name just so happens to be…”Emily Nelson.” Likely, this is all just a promotional tactic to get people buzzing about the film. Hey, it’s working!

We recently got to check out the trailer for A Simple Favor, which also stars Anna Kendrick and is based on Darcey Bell’s book of the same name, at CinemaCon. It it looks like quite the thriller! Blake stars as the mysterious Emily, who goes missing while her best friend, Stephanie (Anna), is babysitting her son. As Stephanie tries to unravel what happened to her friend, she begins to learn more about Emily’s private life and past, and we’ll have to see how it all unfolds when the movie hits theaters on Sept. 14, 2018!

Blake is not the first star to swipe social media clean as a way to promote something. Before Taylor Swift announced her comeback single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” over the summer, she deleted everything from her Instagram and unfollowed everyone. Zayn Malik used a similar technique a few months ago when he was about to release new music.

We’ll be keeping a close watch on Blake’s page to see when she starts posting again. And, hey, if you’re lucky enough to be named Emily Nelson…maybe you’ll get a follow!

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