Blac Chyna Convinced Rob & Alexis Skyy Got ‘Too Close’ While She Was With Him — Report

Rob Kardashian is the root of all issues between Blac Chyna and Alexis Skyy — and the real reason they got into an altercation at the club on Jan. 12, according to a new report.

Rob Kardashian has admitted that he’s known Alexis Skyy for “years,” and his ex, Blac Chyna, is convinced the two had a little something going on while SHE was with him. Blac and Alexis got into it with each other when they were both at the same club last weekend, and the spat was reportedly all about Rob, according to TMZ. The site reports that Chyna thought Alexis and Rob got “too close” while she was pregnant with Rob’s child in 2016, so when she saw Alexis during the night out, she wanted to “clear the air.”

As Alexis revealed on her Instagram story after the incident, things got heated, and Chyna even threw a drink at the Love & Hip-Hop star. However, Chyna’s side of the story is that Alexis is the one who got out of hand first, which is why she decided to throw the drink, according to TMZ’s report. Alexis was eventually kicked out of the club, but continued sending threats to Chyna on her Instagram afterward. “Come ya punk a** outside,” she wrote. “I promise u I’m not leaving this b**** until [your] punk crack head a** come outside!!!”

Whether or not Alexis and Rob did have something going on three years ago is still unclear, but just days after the Blac Chyna altercation, the two of them were hanging out and even cooking dinner together. The youngest Kardashian sibling also admitted that Alexis is his “WCW” and said he’s been “wanting [her] for so long” in a gushing Snapchat post.

Blac and Rob are still embroiled in a pretty messy legal battle following their Dec. 2016 split. Together, they share one daughter, Dream, 2. However, all their contact over her is reportedly done through a third party.

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