Billie Eilish Redoes ‘Vanity Fair’ Interview For 5th Year In a Row – Watch Now!

Billie Eilish is opening up in a new/old interview!

The 19-year-old singer has taken part in the same Vanity Fair interview for the fifth year in a row, and has shared updated answers with where she’s at in life now.

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On the subject of being recognized while going out in public, Billie shared that it’s easier now.

“Per week, if I am going to stuff, it’s like anywhere I go. But if I’m being cautious and like not trying to be in everybody’s faces, that’s like I can manage my way around people without them noticing, which is cool,” she said.

“And my hair is blonde now. So it’s not like the only person you’ve ever seen with green hair walking by… It’s gotten a lot easier,” she continued. “But if I go out, I mean, it’s always gonna happen. It’s just that I’m, first of all, fine with it. And I’m very happy about it .And also, I just know how to do it now.”

Billie also updated on her style, her new favorite movie, how many more tattoos she has now, and more.

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