Avicii’s heartbroken girlfriend pens soul-baring open letter about their love

Avicii ‘s heartbroken girlfriend has penned an emotional open letter to him.

Completely baring her soul, Tereza Kačerová shared fond memories of her relationship with the DJ – real name Tim Bergling – on Instagram.

In a lengthy post, Tereza said she hopes her son, Luka, remembers Avicii, detailed their romantic first date and spoke of the "physical pain" she’s felt since his death last Friday.

Avicii was found dead in Muscat, Oman last week. He was 28.

His devastated family have since implied that he took his own life after struggling to find peace.

Tereza’s statement begins: "Dear Tim, I’ve spent the last days waiting to wake up, waiting for someone to tell me that this is some sick joke, some awful mistake. I think it’s finally settling on me now and I will truly never get to see you again.

"The first couple of days I harassed your friends (are they SURE IT’S REAL?!, demanding proof, WHERE ARE YOU NOW?!) and googled articles to read that they had it all wrong. Every time I saw ‘RIP’ and ‘Avicii’ together in one sentence or an end date to your life, I felt shock all over again.

"When I saw they had changed your bio on Wikipedia from ‘is’ to ‘was’, I sobbed. I’d stare at it for minutes at a time, trying to decipher why it says that you died on April 20, 2018. It didn’t make any sense. You are too young and wonderful and I love you too much for you to have that written by your name.

"So I kept looking away and when I’d look back, it’d still be there, foreign and confusing, I’m not waking up with your head on my chest and Luka’s on my shoulder. Instead, I’m jerked out of sleep into reality every morning with a rush of anxiety and my heart racing. Is it trying to beat double for both of ours?

"The day you died, I went to your house to feel you around me. I lay under your shower for ages and when I came out and turned the bedroom, you weren’t waiting for for me."

In the heartbreaking letter, she went on to say that she took Avicii’s sheets and pillows home so she could sleep in them.

And talking about her son, she added: "I used to tell you that Luka will never remember a life without you. Now I hope that he will remember his life WITH you. I’ll be there to remind him. I’ll show him the videos of him constantly calling out to you wherever he and I were."

Opening up about the last time she saw her boyfriend, she said she took back a book she’d lent to him as he insisted he was going to read it.

Heartbroken Tereza says he never will read the book now, and that they’ll never play another game of "never-ending Disney Monopoly".

She continued: "Every time I think about something we won’t finish, I feel physical pain in my heart. We never finished the Harry Potter marathon – we had the last one left – you never witnessed me having a meltdown when Snape dies. I never finished persuading you that our daughter’s name MUST be Serafina.

"You never finished your tattoo sleeve in which the inner forearm would have had a face coincidentally resembling mine (and now you can’t even finish explaining why that’s not ACTUALLY going to happen)."

Tereza says that on their first date, he bought a flower seller’s entire stock of red roses to give to her.

She said: "We were so happy together. And now, now I just want to jump into a pool of cold water and be torn out of this nightmare."

The statement went on: "My heart hurts knowing that I will never feel your touch again, never hear your laugh, never see your hand intertwined with mind in front of my face first thing when I open my eyes. I will never kiss that beautiful mouth again."

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