Aussie Model Natalie Roser Goes Brazenly Topless, Holds Herself While Winking At The Camera

Australian fashion model Natalie Roser is certainly no stranger to turning heads wherever she might appear, in person or on social media. Taking to popular platform Instagram recently, the wonder from Down Under shared an extremely sexy snapshot with her many fans and followers.

In the image, Natalie can be seen reclining on a seafoam and white beach chair on her back, powdery sand beneath her. She is daringly topless, using both of her hands to hold her breasts, though her efforts appear half-hearted and still leave little to the imagination. The fashion model’s fit and athletic figure is on full display, the natural sunlight serving to accentuate and complement Natalie’s perfectly bronzed complexion. On her lower torso, the lovely Australian can be seen wearing a slight pair of bikini bottoms, primarily white with multi-colored spots adding some character to the garment. The matching top, of course, is nowhere to be seen in the photographic frame.

Roser’s signature blonde tresses tumble loosely from the edge of the beach bed, some strands touching the fine white sand, mingling with it. A wide smile graces her face, revealing an array of perfect pearly-white teeth. Topping off the coy and teasing look, Natalie can be seen winking at the camera, letting her audience know that they’ve been caught taking a peek at her impressive and incredible form.

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Pretty happy about skipping winter this year! ☀️☀️☀️#aussiesummer

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It would appear that Roser’s fanbase on social media was equally excited about the provocative pose and picturesque physique on display, awarding the Australian model nearly 20,000 likes and 200-plus comments for her efforts. Boasting in the caption of the image that she was happy about missing out on the winter season — and presumably all of the chilly weather that comes with it — Natalie closed off the caption with three sun emojis and a hashtag of #aussiesummer. It would seem that the well-regarded model isn’t afraid to tease her fans in more than one way!

Natalie Roser made headlines earlier this year when it was revealed, according to the Daily Mail, that she and longtime boyfriend Harley Bonner would be moving in together in Los Angeles. Harley Bonner has appeared on the Australian soap opera circuit, portraying the character of Josh Willis on Neighbours, and has been dating Roser since March of 2017. He is also the son of Carla Bonner, who also made a name for herself portraying a character on the very same soap opera — Carla having been cast in the role of Stephanie Scully for a decade-long stint from 1999 to 2010.

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