Ariana Grande Got A New Tattoo

Singer Ariana Grande got some new ink. This time it is a drawing of the character Chihiro from the Japanese animated movie classic, Spirited Away.

The new tat looks like it is the largest that the pop singer has gotten to date, and it takes up most of the inner forearm of her right arm. The artist for the tat was New York-based Mira Mariah, who goes by @girlknewyork on Instagram and has done at least a couple other tattoos for Ariana in the past.

We have a few snaps from Ariana’s Instagram stories that show the new ink below.  

Ariana posted some clips and pics to her Instagram Stories about the new body art, and in some of the images one can also see the badge number (“H2GKMO”) of her fiance’s father inked along her hand. Pete’s father was a New York City firefighter who gave his live trying to rescue victims on September 11th, and both Ariana and Pete have his badge number tattoed on their bodies in his honor.

While Ariana has shown an enjoyment for Japanese cartoon and anime art in the past, it’s not clear what her specific attraction to Chihiro is. That said, Chihiro’s story in Spirited Away — that of a little girl who is forced to grow up quickly and become strong in order to save those that she cares for while finding love along the way – obviously may hold some significance for her.

(Image source: Ariana Grande Instagram account)

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