Anna Duggar Shares Rare Photos Of Kids, Reveals Health Issue For Baby Mason

Anna Duggar has been updating fans on her kids recently.

Despite not living her life in front of a camera any longer, Anna Duggar has moved on from reality TV. She is now raising her five kids with husband Josh Duggar and doing the very best she can after the scandal that rocked her world. She had been very quiet on social media for months, but she is now a bit more active. The past few days have seen her posting some cute snaps of her family that has made fans very happy.

Anna’s Instagram account contained pictures over the past three days showing off the talents and cuteness of the Duggar children. The four older ones, Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, and Meredith, created a yummy dessert made with fresh fruit. Their mom shared the photos of them gathered around the family table putting it together and then enjoying the fruits of their labor. Even though baby Mason wasn’t old enough to help out, he sure did help eat it.

The day after those photos were posted, Anna Duggar also shared a sweet video of 3-year-old Meredith helping her baby brother to take some steps. She is seen encouraging the little guy to walk. She is holding onto him to stand him up and then urges Mason to come to her. He does take a few steps and then falls to the floor as all babies do. He is having fun with his sister’s help.

Mason is 11-months-old now, but he is already having a health issue that came about when he was just 2-weeks-old. Anna revealed in a post on Saturday that he has an allergy to dairy. The photo showed him sitting in his high chair with a dairy-free pancake in front of him ready to try it. His mom explained how it all came about.

“Allergies showed up at 2 weeks, and caused us to switch to formula while momma cut dairy and other potential allergy causing foods out of my diet (i.e. gluten, corn, soy, eggs, nuts, chicken, & nightshade foods). Thankfully as we added things back into my diet we discovered Mason was only allergic to dairy, and by January he was back to 100% nursing and thriving — reaching 20 lbs at 6 months!”

The Duggar daughter-in-law went on to say that sometimes you have to climb the mountain in order to reach the top instead of having God move it out of the way. She also mentioned that staying on the right track is worth it in the end. She could also possibly be referencing to her own situation of sticking it out with Josh throughout the sex scandal that got them both kicked off Counting On by TLC. She has stood by her man, and she says that she is still happily married.

Duggar fans have expressed how much they miss seeing this family on TV. They are thrilled that Anna has been keeping them up to date on her family now.

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