Angelina Jolie told the FBI in 2016 that Brad Pitt physically assaulted her

We’re almost at the six-year anniversary of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s plane incident, an incident which was so bad that it necessitated an FBI investigation. It was so bad that Angelina fled the airport with her six children, filed for divorce and never looked back. She’s been fighting Brad in court for six years. She’s also been fighting his PR. When Angelina fled the private plane in 2016, she hired lawyers, child psychologists and trauma specialists. Brad hired crisis managers and publicists. In the past six years, Angelina has never spoken publicly about exactly what happened on the plane, but she has said that she feared for the safety of her whole family. Angelina was also successful – in the long term – in getting the unethical divorce judge kicked off the Jolie-Pitt case. Judge Ouderkirk failed to disclose his ongoing financial relations with Brad Pitt’s lawyers.

I bring this up because Brad has spent the past six years paying a lot of people a lot of money to cover up what happened on the plane and what he did to his wife and his children. In April, Angelina sued the FBI to get her hands on their records from the investigation into the plane incident. Puck News’ Eriq Gardner had an update:

Having followed their bizarre post-divorce legal battle for some time, I can now confirm that Jolie is indeed the plaintiff in the F.B.I. suit. I can also reveal that the pseudonymous lawsuit is available publically for the first time. On Aug. 9, Jolie amended the complaint, which includes an interesting new detail. Before the F.B.I. announced that Pitt would not be charged with assault on an airplane, the agent investigating the Sept. 2016 incident prepared a statement of probable cause and presented it to the chief of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. (In the amended complaint, Jolie says she learned this from the F.B.I.’s FOIA response last year.)

Was the F.B.I. preparing for the possibility of charging Pitt with a crime? Here’s what I can say after looking into the F.B.I.’s investigation. Jolie told the special agent that Pitt was drinking and had taken her to the back of the plane, according to the agent’s notes at the time. He allegedly grabbed her shoulders and shook her and yelled things like, “You’re f–king up this family.” Later, during this same flight, another physical altercation allegedly took place, and Jolie said she sustained injuries; she gave the agent a photo of her elbow in an attempt to corroborate this. At another point, Jolie says Pitt poured beer on her. (Pitt’s camp has denied any wrongdoing.)

After preparing a statement of probable cause, the F.B.I. agent met with the assistant U.S. attorney. They subsequently agreed that criminal charges would not be pursued, according to the case file. What was their reasoning? Jolie’s amended complaint cites the need for those unredacted records and corroborating evidence, which remain in the agency’s possession.

[From Puck News]

So, Angelina Jolie gave a full statement to the FBI investigating the plane incident, in which she detailed how Brad Pitt repeatedly physically assaulted her and she gave the FBI photographic evidence of her injuries. The FBI prepared a statement of probable cause, meaning that the FBI thought there was a case which could be prosecuted. The Assistant US Attorney declined to pursue criminal charges. This is why Jolie sued the FBI – she wanted these records and she wanted to know why criminal charges were never pursued and why the whole thing was buried so quickly. I’m not saying Pitt paid off anyone, but I will say that Angelina already discovered one instance of financial impropriety and unethical behavior involving Pitt and his team. Brad is such a piece of sh-t.

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