Angela Deem BLASTS Usman Umar: You’re a Scammer! Your Music Sounds Like Crap!

Fans have mixed feelings about Angela Deem returning for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6.

Those episodes do not premiere until April. Angela is already appearing on 90 Day Bares All.

On the Discovery Plus spinoff, she and Usman Umar were both guests.

The two squared off in a vicious back-and-forth.

On Sunday’s new episode of Bares All, Angela and Usman came face-to-face … virtually.

Usman had good news about his music career.

As “SojaBoy,” his newfound success had led him to recently drop an EP.

The new music from just a few weeks ago wasn’t the only news.

Usman shared that he purchased for himself and his mother a new house and a new car.

That is quite the accomplishment! It looks like 90 Day Fiance fame transformed his life.

“I’ve been doing well,” he affirmed to Shaun Robinson.

“Like, my life is good right now,” Usman continued.

However, this is when the show’s other guest spoke up.

Angela wasn’t surprised, since she accused Usman of using Lisa Hamme to “make [himself] well.”

“What the hell?” Angela exclaimed angrily. “You’re full of s–t.”

“You’re a scammer,” she accused. “That’s why Nigerians get a bad name.”

Usman countered: “You can’t call me a scammer because no evidence.”

But Angela, always quick to place blame where it doesn’t belong, insisted that it’s Usman’s fault that Michael’s K-1 visa was denied.

“You’re a piece of s–t,” Angela decreed. And then she went after his music.

“You sound like s–t when you sing,” Angela opined.

“You’re out of tune,” she continued.

Angela then insisted: “When you sing without auto-tune, you sound like s–t.”

“What music? Anybody can do auto-tune,” Angela declared.

“Have you ever heard Usman sing without the auto-tune?” she asked.

Angela then reiterated: “He sounds like s–t.”

Angela being Angela, she didn’t give Usman much of a chance to respond, defend himself, or speak.

“You know nothing,” Usman managed to tell her.

“Shaun, if you ask me a question, you have to shut that pig off so that you can hear me,” he informed the host.

“She cannot be talking rubbish,” Usman reasoned, “and you just keep me here.”

Angela, whose obvious personality flaws make her perfect for reality television but not for society, fired back.

“Why don’t you shut me up, b–ch?” she retorted like an angry teenager.

“You lie every time you open your mouth,” Angela insisted.

“You wanted to benefit yourself and get where you’re at today,” she accused Usman.

Angela emphasized: “You know that I know what you did.”

Angela made similar statements last year when she rejected comparisons between herself and Lisa Hamme.

“I feel really bad for Lisa,” Angela said.

“All due respect to everybody,” she claimed, “I wouldn’t put up with Usman one damn minute.”

“One damn minute. And I don’t like to cut nobody down, I think Usman knows exactly what he’s doing,” Angela accused.

She explained: “Because he hasn’t fooled Michael at all.”

“Good luck to Usman and his music, but you’re after a woman’s heart here,” Angela said at the time.

“And whether I like Lisa or don’t like Lisa, the point is, she’s still a human being, and she still has feelings,” Angela argued.

“And the way it looks, and the way it sounds,” she said of Usman, “you didn’t do her no good.”

Notably, Usman and Lisa divorced after, among other things, Lisa called Usman the N-word.

Angela and Lisa are both older, verbally abusive white women who came on the show in love with much younger Nigerian men.

Some fans have speculated that Angela is so adamant that Usman is a scammer because she’s projecting her insecurities from marrying Michael.

Others simply wish she would speak about her husband with the same compassion and empathy that she shows towards Lisa.

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