Angel Strawbridge admits she and Dick felt ‘choked’ amid ‘top secret’ Chateau renovations

Escape to the Chateau: Angel discusses issues with money

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Angel Strawbridge and her husband Dick rose to fame through their Channel 4 series Escape To The Chateau, which follows the couple and their children Authur and Dorothy, as they renovate their French chateau de La Motte Husson. Viewers of the hit series eagerly keep up to date with their progress as the DIY experts completely gut their dilapidated 19th-century home bit by bit; working tirelessly to restore it back to its former glory.

Every house is as good as its roof!

Angel Strawbridge

Recently, Angel opened up about the latest in their reconstruction work and like everything they’ve done so far, it’s not a cheap job.

Chatting to Annie and Wendy on the Netmum’s Sweat, Snot & Tears podcast, TV’s creative icon revealed she and Dick are currently replacing the roof.

After jokingly accusing Angel of “locking Dick in a cupboard” after hearing banging in the background, she giggled as she admitted it’s a “top secret” move.

“There’s nothing glamorous about doing a roof,” one of the hosts admitted.

“It’s money… it’s not scatter cushions, a roof is it!”

Chuckling, Angel agreed it’s not one of the more creatively interesting restorations they’ve completed.

But it was something that needed to be done.

“There’s a seriousness about this,” she explained.

“We were going to do it in four quarters over four years.

“So what we thought is that if we have all the stuff out and we’re doing it, why don’t we just do the full roof this year? So that’s what we’re doing!

“Because then we can just put it all away and never have to think about it in our life and our children’s life time.”

She admitted it “choked” her and Dick to consider that everything they’re doing up in the chateau will be for the future of their two children.

“This is the bit that we were a little bit choked out when we were doing the roof,” she sighed.

“We are doing it for Arthur and Dorothy!

“It’s all great being like ‘Oh yeah, we have a chateau,’ that’s lovely!

“But when you inherit it as your children and you realise you have to do a roof and it could cost between 100K and 200K, it kind of takes away the, ‘Oh, I’ve got a chateau!'”

She quickly added: “And every house is as good as its roof!

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