Alex Scott feared walking home after death threats

Alex Scott says she felt emotionally drained in Insta post

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Alex Scott, 38, has enjoyed a hugely successful career both on and off the pitch as a former Arsenal right-back and football pundit. However, it has not been an easy road to success for the BBC star as she has had to deal with nasty trolls and social media abuse.

In a candid interview with Steven Bartlett on his podcast, Diary Of A CEO, Alex revealed the less glamorous side to being in the public eye.

Alex explained how, at its worst, the abuse would “turn into death threats”, leaving her in fear of what could potentially happen to her.

Asked whether she had anxiety, Alex explained: “Yes, of the fear of what might happen to me – to that extent.

“Because the abuse then would turn into death threats also, so the fact is that I am going home alone, you know, what happens there?

“Like, we’ve seen in the past of some presenters what’s happened. Stalking… All of that stuff.

“So, all of that anxiety goes through my head, like, I want to just be safe, like I’m just going to work.”

Alex had previously addressed the mental health struggles she had faced throughout her life and how at one point she even turned to alcohol.

Having had a successful career playing for the Arsenal Women’s Team, the retired football star turned to presenting, which came with horrifying trolling on social media and led her to seek therapy.

In a candid admission, the sports star said she turned to drink and added no one had any “idea what [she] went through”.

Alex spoke out in an interview earlier this year while promoting her book How (Not) To Be Strong.

She said: “I’ve lived my whole life putting on an act, and there’s a lot of things in it that people will have no idea that I went through.

“I’m at a stage in my life where I just want some freedom, and I’ve managed to feel like it’s a time where I can [be open.]

“I think everyone will be shocked at the stories in the book”, she told Time Out London.

Alex also candidly opened up about her drinking habit that formed due to serious online abuse.

Alex said: “When I retired, getting trolled, I found that I was turning to drink to try and hide everything, hide what I was feeling.

“Looking at my daily life, many would wonder how I could be ‘depressed’. But mental illness doesn’t work like that.

“It’s so easy to think there are people worse off than us and we have no right to feel sorry for ourselves. But that thought process alone can be really dangerous, and lead to bigger problems.

“I didn’t tell anyone, I didn’t tell my mum because I didn’t want her to worry or put that stress on her. I was just that person [who thought] ‘I can look after myself, I can deal with stuff’ but obviously sometimes that’s the wrong way”, she told Women’s Health.

Alex said the thing that got her through was eventually “telling everyone” about her struggles and she began therapy.

The broadcaster made 140 appearances for the England women’s national football team before immersing herself in the world of media.

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