Alex Rodriguez Teases His ‘Heartfelt’ Christmas Gift For Jennifer Lopez – Is It An Engagement Ring?

Alex Rodriguez is putting a lot of thought into what he’s getting GF Jennifer Lopez for Christmas. He says his gift will be a ‘heartfelt’ one and we’ve got details on if it’s an engagement ring.

Alex Rodriguez knows that he has to give something sentimental to girlfriend Jennifer Lopez for Christmas, as buying her something blingy isn’t enough. She’s got tons of money of her own so his gift needs to mean something special.“It has to be something creative,” the former New York Yankee tells PEOPLE. “I can’t just go out and buy something expensive.” He continues, “For Jennifer, something that’s handwritten, maybe a photo.” Awww, how sweet is that?

“I don’t want to give any secrets away for this holiday, but it’s something that is heartfelt, something that resembles a memory that we’ve had together that involves our children, that involves our home because, ultimately, that’s what it’s all about,” Alex, 43, reveals. While that seems incredibly romantic, it doesn’t sounds like he’s going to be giving JLo an engagement ring.

Jennifer, 49, seemed to be giving Alex a really big hint last month that she’d like a rock on THAT finger. She caused fans to freak out on Oct. 25 when she wore a massive diamond ring to game two of the World Series in Boston. It was an emerald cut center stone that had to be at least 10-15 carats along with smaller diamonds on each side. In an Instagram video Alex shared, it appeared on her right hand, but those vids mirror things so it was actually on her left hand. When A-Rod put the video up on his account, fans flipped out and started sending congratulations in the comments.

The couple is coming up on two years of dating in winter of 2019 so maybe Alex will finally pop the question on their anniversary. Jennifer has made it clear how they’re in it for the long haul together during an emotional speech while receiving the MTV Video Vanguard Award in August, calling him her “twin soul.”

Alex,” she said, before taking an emotional pause. “You’re like my twin soul, we’re like mirror images of each other. My life is sweeter and better with you in it because you make me realize that every day the sky is not the limit. The universe is infinite and so is what we can accomplish together with love and trust and understanding. There is so much to do to experience and there is no one I’d rather to it with, baby… I love you!” Yeah, they’re totally going to get engaged one of these days.

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