Adam Frost addresses ‘life-changing’ Gardeners’ World moment: ‘It was a terrible shock’

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Adam Frost, 51, recalled the “life-changing” moment he found out about his idol Geoff Hamilton’s death, describing it as a “terrible shock”. Geoff, who died of a heart attack aged 60, was a former Gardeners’ World presenter, and helped Adam carve his hugely successful career as a landscape gardener.

At that moment life changed with a big bang

Adam Frost

In a recent interview, Adam remembered the moment he found out that his mentor had died.

He explained: “I was at a barbie with some mates when one said, ‘Frosty, you’d better check Ceefax.’

“I read about Geoff’s death from a heart attack.

“At that moment life changed with a big bang.

He added: “It was a terrible shock.”

Geoff gave Adam his first leg-up into TV, but he admitted he nearly missed out on the BBC presenting role at the age of 21 because he was “so arrogant” back in his twenties.

The horticulturalist started off presenting the gardening programme alongside the Welsh host, until the his untimely death in 1996 at the age of 60.

Adam’s career had been kickstarted when he was moved down to Devon by his family and bagged a job as an apprentice gardener.

After learning the tricks of the trade, he managed to secure an interview with the presenter as his TV garden, Barnsdale in Rutland, without ever watching the popular BBC show before.

Upon meeting Geoff for the first time, Adam described him as “charismatic” and remembered being bowled over by his presence.

“I think it was Geoff’s understated passion for horticulture that got me,” he smiled.

Sadly, he wasn’t offered the job, as Adam recalled: “Geoff rang me and said, ‘You did well, boy, but the other man is better qualified.’”

But despite not getting the job there and then, two weeks later he received another call asking him if he was still interested in the role.

Adam giggled as he told The Telegraph last month: “I was so arrogant that I said, ‘Can I think about it?’

Luckily for him, he was convinced to take the position by his then girlfriend, admitting she “quickly drummed some sense into me”.

The presenter revealed he was an “unhappy child” and used gardens as his escapism.

But his love for gardening was engineered by his grandparents rather than his landscape gardener father.

“Both sets [of grandparents] were brilliant to me,” Adam told the publication.

“They loved gardening and their gardens felt a safe, happy place to be.”

Gardeners’ World airs tonight at 8pm on BBC.

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