A Place In The Sun presenter Jasmine Harman addresses ‘awful’ thinning hair in honest post

Jasmine Harman, 43, is a firm favourite on the Channel 4 programme A Place In The Sun, and regularly updates her fans with insights into her day-to-day life. The property expert recently took to Instagram and told fans about her problem with “thinning hair”. The mother-of-two shared a side-by-side photo which showed her blonde locks before and after she began using a treatment to correct the hair loss she experienced. In view of her 26,000 followers, Jasmine captioned the post: “After having my children, my hair has never been the same! It’s thinner, more brittle, weaker, unruly, and loads of awful little baby hairs!

“The unflattering light in the left picture really showed up the problems I’ve been having with my hair, so when I heard about the #vegan memoryforme smoothing treatment, I decided to try it out! I couldn’t believe the difference!

“Hopefully I’ve tamed my mane and I’m now ready to go back to work tomorrow with my shiny happy hair! Thanks @richardwardhair.”

Fans flocked to comment on the photo, with some offering advice on how to maintain strong, healthy hair.

One person said: “Looks lovely Jasmine – had the same when I had my children too. Will definitely have to try.”

Another person commented: “Your hair looks lovely.”

While a third person added: “Organic spinach, carrot and apple juice every morning and my hair was growing insane! Plant power that’s why being vegan is so much better because we eat so many plants…yes we can also eat junk food but every day I’m eating things I’d never imagined like fresh tomatoes fried in a little olive oil on sliced bread with vegan mayo for brekkie.”(sic)

The small-screen star is known for her signature blonde bob hairstyle on the Channel 4 series.

Elsewhere, the Place In The Sun presenter, who has been fronting the show since 2004, spoke about the devastation which occurred on a location last week.

It comes after many areas in south eastern Spain experienced flash flooding, which was said to be the worst on record.

Taking to the picture-sharing site, Jasmine shared a video of herself on a beach in Spain which had been ruined by the flooding.

She commented: “Morning! #buenosdias back to the grindstone! Lucky we weren’t filming last week as the whole place was flooded!

“So unbelievable the devastation caused by the worst rains in 40 years! @aplaceinthesunofficial.”

As she strolled along the beach, she said to the camera: “So I’m here in Murcia actually, Mar Menor.

“As you can see it’s lovely and sunny, but the sand is like quicksand because it has all been flooded, it’s very weird.”

Jasmine then dipped her feet in the water, as she continued: “You know I always like a little Monday morning dip in the sea… look how weird it is.

“It’s lovely and warm but everything is a bit strange because of the flooding.”

A Place In The Sun continues today at 3pm on Channel 4.

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