90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Tell All Recap: Angela Deem Flashes EVERYONE

1.Julia Trubkina – I want to stay far away from the drama

2.Yara Zaya – I will kill you, Brandon

3.Julia Trubkina – I be quiet. I shut up and not say nothing

4.Ronald Smith – and I'm a make, make it known

5.Natalie Mordovtseva – some part of me does misses him

6.Mike Youngquist walks onto the HEA Season 6 Tell All set

7.Angela Deem makes body transformation debut on HEA Season 6 Tell All

8.Michael Ilesanmi – I mean, I really can't wait to see her

9.Julia Trubkina – we're not living farm anymore

10.Andrei Castravet – like therapy over here

11.Shaun Robinson asks the status of Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

12.Julia Trubkina – back to her country?

13.Natalie Mordovtseva – he doesn't care

14.His commute was another big issue

15.Maybe moving could have saved their marriage

16.Natalie admits that she kind of lost it

17.So yes, she moved to Florida

18.She says that she's not dating anyone

19.Natalie says that he was just a friend


21.The show takes a break

22.Mike promises to file

23.Julia tells Mike that he deserves better


25.Back on set …

26.Ronald gets something right

27.Of course, he then accuses Tiffany of dragging her heels

28.Oh, and he had a huge jealousy issue

29.He couldn't stand to hear her speak well of him

30.Ria, Ronald's mother, tunes in

31.Tiffany's mom also participates

32.Over to Julia and Brandon

33.About Julia's baby plans

34.HOWEVER, poor taste or not, it's just a joke

35.As for Julia's jealousy issues

36.And now a word from Jigsaw

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