31 Sexy Photos Of Michael B. Jordan Looking So Good You Can't Help But Stare

Screen king Michael B. Jordan is coming to a theater near you on Friday starring in new movie Creed. Hands in the air if you’ve already pre-ordered your tickets to get up close and personal with this cutie.

Jordan is roaring into a theater near you this weekend and in the meantime he has no problem showing off his silly side on Instagram.

Even without the smile Jordan steals the show in his pictures.

Jordan toned up for his big starring role, and we’re loving the results.

A black and white moment to remember.

Does this brother even have a bad angle?

Remember that time fans got up close and personal with the shirtless hunk? We sure love it when he does it for the ‘gram.

We’re not sure what’s going on here, but all we know is that we like it.

The Jersey-born hunk can do no wrong when the seflie cam is pointing his way.

Kissable lips on fleek!

Well, hello there handsome. Where are you headed, and can we please come along?

This darling’s suit game continues to be on point.

Jordan knows exactly what his fans stay glued to his feed for. Mercy!

We’re not sure which of Jordan’s profiles is our favorite. The talented actor certainly works his angles well.

Jordan always dresses to impress when he has a TV appearance on his schedule.

We’d like to thank the paparazzi for sneaking up on Jordan and capturing this glorious moment.

Creed may be rated “PG-13” but our Michael B. Jordan thoughts would probably get rated “R”.

Critics are already buzzing about Jordan’s stellar turn in Creed. We can’t wait to see him step into the ring in the boxing drama.

Another show date, another fly suit. Jordan’s wardrobe is as handsome as he is.

Crowd-pleaser Jordan never misses a chance to stop for fans (and paparazzi) on the red carpet.

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