MPs DO have the power to stop a No Deal Brexit, Jeremy Hunt admits

After two humiliating defeats for the PM this week, the Foreign Secretary said it was looking "less likely" that Parliament would allow us leave the bloc with no agreement in place.

The PM was slapped down on Tuesday and Wednesday night when MPs voted to restrict tax powers in a No Deal situation, and then again to force her to come back to the Commons within three days if her deal gets rejected next week.

Today Mr Hunt admitted that MPs were wrestling back control of the Brexit process and the numbers for next week were looking "challenging".

He told BBC Radio 4: "I think it's now looking much less likely that Parliament would allow a no-deal outcome anyway.

"We have seen from this week that Parliament has the ability to assert itself and to shape outcomes."

And he warned that if the deal gets rejected then it could lead to "Brexit paralysis" and maybe we wouldn't leave at all.

He said that failing to deliver on the vote would be "incredibly damaging" and politicians would come to regret it for "many, many generations".

MPs should "come together" and get behind the deal as it's the only one on offer, he stressed.

Meanwhile the EU's Jean Claude Juncker said he was talking to No10 about what "clarifications" on Brexit they want.

He said it should "not be confused with a renegotiation".

Sources said that they were expecting a reassurance on Monday, ahead of the vote on Tuesday.

The PM has been reaching out to Labour MPs and union leaders to try and get them on side.

But even senior figures are privately admitting that defeat is ahead – possibly the biggest ever government loss.


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