Freed ‘Vampire Killer’ Tracey Wigginton who drank murdered grandad’s blood posts chilling ‘now panic because I'm back’ message on Facebook

Tracey Wigginton, 54, was given a life sentence for the 1989 murder of Edward Baldock in Australia but was released on parole in 2012.

At the time of the murder, it's claimed Wigginton believed she was a vampire and stabbed the innocent grandfather 27 times in a Brisbane park before drinking his blood.

According to a 9News investigation, Wigginton's secret Facebook page has been uncovered and includes images of vampires, skeletons and real human remains.

Wigginton – who is still on parole and reportedly living in Tamborine, Queensland- posted online under the assumed name Oberon Fairchild, according to the report.

Chillingly, one post read: "Now panic because I'm back."


Another post by Wigginton read: "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup."

Wigginton served 22 years for the murder but was released on parole seven years ago.

The detectives who arrested her over the death in 1987 told 9News the posts are "consistant with the Tracey they knew".

During the investigation, a stolen tombstone and pictures of grave sites were found in her apartment.

She initially denied knowing anything about the murder but later confessed to police saying she "stabbed him the side of the neck […] stabbed him in the other side of the neck and […] continuously stabbed him."

She said Mr Baldock made a "gargling" sound and she saw the blood was coming from his mouth. She told police she sat down and "watched him die".

One of the detectives who lead the investigation, former Detective Mick Austin, said: "The purpose of the murder was for her to be able to drink human blood and that's what was achieved… There was a degree of Satanism involved and witchery.

"According to her associates who were involved at the scene of the crime she considered herself to be a white witch and she had to consume blood to maintain that witchery aspect.

"She showed absolutely no pity for the victim – didn't treat him as a human being. It was just a means for her to achieve her end."

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