Driver pulls out of junction and smashes into car making it tip

Shocking moment driver pulls out of junction and smashes into car so hard that it tips onto two wheels

  • Craig Laheney-Clark filmed incident on dashcam in Bishop Auckland, Durham
  • Footage shows Helen Lamb, 23, being hit by another car pulling out of a junction
  • Ms Lamb’s red Ford car tips onto two wheels before slamming back to the road  

This is the moment a car drives into the side of another vehicle making it tip onto two wheels and a slam back to the ground after not seeing them at a junction.

Craig Laheney-Clark captured the incident on his dashcam while driving home from work in Durham on January 30 and shared the footage with the other motorist.

As he approaches the turning for a junction to the right of him, another car can be seen preparing to turn from that lane onto the main road.

A car pulls out of the junction in Durham and hits the front corner of Helen Lamb’s red Ford car 

This car starts to drive but as it moves a red car with a white stripe on the bonnet is coming along the road and the two crash.

The striped car is tipped onto its side and briefly balances on two wheels before slamming back down to the road.

Luckily the driver regains control and manages to stop before she drives into the front of Mr Laheney-Clark’s vehicle, stopping just inches infront. 

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The other car has driven onto the grass after hitting the striped car and as the clip ends a man, either Mr Laheney-Clark or the other driver, walks towards it.

Helen Lamb, 23, from Bishop Auckland, was driving the red car when it was hit.  

She said: ‘I was just driving home from work down Burn Lane in Newton Aycliffe when it happened.

Ms Lamb’s vehicle is tipped onto two wheels before it slams back down to the road

The other car drives onto the grass verge and Ms Lamb rolls towards Mr Laheney-Clark, who is filming the incident on his dash cam, but manages to stop before she hits him

‘I got out immediately and he [the other driver] was shocked. Just said he never saw me coming and pulled out.

‘We were both in shock and he was very fair, stayed with me until everything was sorted out.

‘My car had bumper, wing and wheel damage from where it landed as it lifted in the air. Unfortunately it was written off as a complete loss.

‘I put the footage up as I have a motorcycle, and a lot of biker friends. Got to be careful as I mean, if that was a biker he could likely be dead now.

‘I got a bad neck and a little pain from when it landed and I think it must have pushed my head to the side.’

Ms Lamb’s car had bumper, wing and wheel damage from where it landed after the collision 

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