Ukrainian vampires and clucking Israelis — the bonkers acts set to make this year's Eurovision the most outrageous yet

But it is not just the quirky side of the song contest that is likely to leave fans wide-eyed and open-mouthed tonight.

Glamour model Eleni Foureira is the favourite to steer Cyprus to victory in Lisbon — dressed in a see-through bodysuit.

The 31-year-old has previously posed nude for magazines across Europe and has vowed to strip off again if she wins.

She said: “The human body is the human body. I certainly would like to do more photos.”

With the sexy Cypriot 6/5 with Sun Bets, British fans’ hopes rest on the unfancied Susanna Marie Cork, aka SuRie.

The classically-trained musician, 29, grew up in Bishop’s Stortford, Herts, and has twice been a Eurovision backing singer for Belgium.

She is 20/1 to score “nul points” with her song, Storm, but reckons she can cause an upset, saying: “I don’t understand odds, which is good as I know I’m at the bottom. But I was at the bottom in Brighton for [selection event] You Decide and everyone had written me off. Then I won.”

SuRie is also looking to silence the Twitter trolls who have targeted her since she was picked as our entrant.

She said: “I’ve had quite a lot of negative messages but I reply, which they don’t expect, and they apologise.

“So I think, one by one, I can take down the trolls, win Eurovision and get world peace. That’s the plan.”

We have picked out some of her rivals and their Sun Bets odds — and devised a cut-out-and-keep drinking game you can play while watching on BBC1 tonight from 8pm.

Danish Game of Thrones 

DENMARK has gone all Game Of Thrones with its entry, as droves of bearded men take to the stage waving flags as they belt out Higher Ground. Their leader on the Euro battlefield is trenchcoat fan Rasmussen, left, who previously sang in an Eighties metal tribute band called Hair Metal Heroes.

ODDS: 50/1 

Ukrainian Vampire

THE stakes are high for Melovin, the high-fashion vampire channelling the spirit of Halloween and Alexander McQueen for his performance of Under The Ladder. His routine opens with him lying inside a two-tiered piano shaped like a coffin, which bursts into flames at the end of the song.

ODDS: 100/1 

Norweigan's 'invisible' violin

Norway’s Alexander Ryback plays a string of imaginary instruments as he sings his tune That’s How You Write A Song, including a piano, a guitar and a violin. He previously won Eurovision back in 2009 so could become the second person in the show’s history to win the crown twice.

ODDS: 20/1 

Finnish Crystal Maze

Former X Factor runner-up Saara Aalto represents Finland in this year’s final – and appears to be taking part in Channel 4’s Crystal Maze as her stage features a giant crystal dome. She sings some of her song Monsters upside down too as she is tied to a wheel of fortune.

ODDS: 66/1 

Dutch 'racism' storm

The Netherlands’ Waylon have drawn a bit of criticism for its racially dubious undertones during its performance of OutLaw In ‘Em – as it appears to evoke white plantation owner and four black dancers. Even his atrocious Bet Lynch stage outfit doesn’t distract from it.

ODDS: 100/1 

Moldovan advent calendar

Moldova’s gimmick is what appears to be a giant advent calendar with many windows where the singers and their body doubles pop in and out of. The group is made up of three singers who perform their track My Lucky Day, which is all about having multiple lovers, alongside three lookalikes.

ODDS: 50/1 

Cypriot model

Cyprus put on one of Eurovision’s sexiest performances in its 63 year history with its underwear model entrant. Eleni Foureira is the country’s very own Beyoncé as she twerks and dances along to her song Fuego which is all about women being sexy and powerful.

ODDS: 6/5 

Israeli clucker

Israel’s Netta Barzilai, has this year’s craziest song yet. Netta, who has been dubbed “the chicken lady”, will be heard clucking and bleeping her way through her strangely catchy track Toy, while hundreds of gold lucky fortune cats wave away in the background.

ODDS: 3/1 

Cursing Czech

POTTY-mouthed Czech Mikolas Josef has a few English lyrics that appear to have been lost in translation in his track Lie To Me. He sings “plenty of mother******* want to eat my spaghetti”, “set my camel in the mood” and “bop on this wood bamboo”. Catchy. He is also a Eurovision eccentric, performing wearing a bow-tie, braces and an empty rucksack.

ODDS: 40/1 


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