Hollyoaks fans sickened as 'vile' Russ tells Goldie to have an abortion after she reveals she's pregnant with his baby

The troubled mum-of-two reveals to Mercedes that she's pregnant – but doesn't tell her the father is her love rat fiance (Stuart Manning).

Goldie (Chelsee Healey) says she took three pregnancy tests and tells her cousin (Jennier Metcalfe) she doesn't want the father to have anything to do with the baby.

She reveals the man is in a relationship – but Mercedes convinces her that it doesn't matter and that he should know the truth.

After Goldie goes to Russ with her baby news, he rages at her and yells "get rid" as he says: "I don't want a kid with you."

Soap fans were left shocked at his explosive reaction, and took to Twitter to blast the character.

One said: "Russ saying “I don’t want a kid with you, get rid of it” to Goldie was vile how can you even say that? Should have kept it in your trousers, no tea just facts"

Another said: "I’m really going off Russ now. I hope Goldie keeps the baby!"

One person added: "Russ is mean. I really feel for Goldie"

As others admitted the scenes between the women were "awkward".

A McQueen showdown will take place this week at Mercedes' and Russ' wedding.

Mercy is walking down the aisle for a fifth time however it's left in jeopardy when she throws a punch, but who is she lashing out at?

Chelsea teased to Radio Times: "Goldie is very jealous of Mercedes and could definitely stand in the way on the big day, but you’ll have to wait and see what happens! If it came out about her night with Russ, the McQueens would disown Goldie."

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