Nutritionist shares the daily diet you should follow throughout spring

Nutritionist reveals the EXACT daily diet you should follow in spring for a summer body – and the five foods she eats every day without fail

  • Leading Australian nutritionist shares what food you should eat during spring
  • She explains why a simple diet based on seasonal eating is best for your body 
  • Jessica also shares her top five foods she eats everyday that keep her healthy

As summer weather gets under way, thousands of Australians are pushing their hearty winter meals aside in favour of tasty smoothies and big bowls of ‘healthy’ salad.

And while many have mastered the art of a balanced spring diet, others fall into the trap of snacking on too many ‘light’ foods and end up consuming far too many calories.

So, to help Australians stay in shape over the next few months, nutritionist Jessica Sepel has revealed exactly what she eats each day in spring – and the five things she eats daily without fail.  

Australian nutritionist Jessica Sepel (pictured) has revealed what she eats as the weather starts to get warmer

In order to get a great start on her day, Jessica starts her day with a ‘pre-breakfast’ tonic at 7am.

‘First thing in the morning, I drink one glass of filtered water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or a hot cup of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon,’ she said in conversation with Body + Soul.

Jessica explained it’s important to drink this on an empty stomach as it helps stimulate the gastric juices which aid digestion throughout the day.

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In order to get a great start on her day, the nutritionist revealed a 7am ‘pre-breakfast’ tonic is a non-negotiable

A delicious chia pot makes for a nourishing and wholesome breakfast, the nutritionist revealed

The five foods Jessica Sepel eats every day: 

Jessica (pictured) believes in the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet

1. Chia seeds: Jessica explains the seeds are a great source of fibre, plant-based protein and essential fatty acids. ‘I add them to my morning smoothie or use them as the base for my chia pudding.’

2. Avocado: The nutritionist said avocado is one of her main food staples. ‘I it to my salads, enjoy it with eggs or use it to make guacamole.’

3. Greens: ‘Kale, spinach, silverbeet, rocket, broccoli, the list in endless. I add a big serving to both my lunch and dinner.’

4. Almonds/Almond butter: Almonds and almond butter are rich in monounsaturated fats, fibre, protein and also contain potassium, calcium and magnesium.

5. Bananas: ‘Bananas are so versatile, nutritious and accessible. I have banana in my smoothies, on top of porridge, in my pancake batter or I use it in baked goods.’


Following a workout, the health expert said she sits down to a simple breakfast, one consisting of either protein-rich smoothie, oats or a chia pudding.

Part of Jessica’s philosophy when it comes to diet is to avoid restriction at all costs, a problem she says this can lead to overeating later or bingeing on unhealthy foods.

An 11am snack helps combat hunger pangs, the expert reveals. Her go-to options range from carrot or cucumber sticks with hummus or almond butter or two homemade bliss balls. 

Her midday meal usually tends to be around 1pm and will be a healthy bowl packed with fresh greens, salmon or chicken and slow release carbohydrates such as brown rice or quinoa as a base. 

The nutritionist believes in a balanced approach to nutrition, one that puts an end overeating and bingeing

A midday meal is built on a base of slow-release carbohydrates such as brown rice or quinoa

Avocado, nuts and a squeeze of fresh lemon or a healthy dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, tahini and Dijon mustard add a ‘lovely flavour hit’.

When a 4pm snack attack hits, Jessica said she makes a quick and easy snack to tackle any cravings.

‘I love making my own froyo by mixing Greek yoghurt with protein powder and placing it in the freezer for 5 minutes. I then top it with fresh berries and nuts,’ she said.

Her 7pm evening meal, she revealed, tends to be a quick and easy affair and if she is stumped for healthy ideas she’ll turn to her JSHealth app for inspiration.

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