My husband confessed to snogging someone at a drunken party – what should I do?

He is 34, I am 32 and we have been happily married for four years. He rang my mobile by mistake at this stag do. I heard him laughing and flirting with someone.

I was so mad, I kept ringing his phone until he answered. We had a huge row.

I forgave him the next day and thought everything was back on track until I found his boxers in the laundry.

He denied everything at first but eventually confessed to a drunken fumble – though not sex – with a random girl.

He is sorry but I feel lost and heartbroken.

DEIDRE SAYS: Of course you are hurt but it would be sad to let one stupid, drunken incident write off four years of happy marriage. Tell him he can’t just say sorry and expect things to go back to normal.

He has to make an effort every day now to make you feel loved and desired – his number one.

Make an effort yourself too, so your marriage is as fulfilling as possible for you both. Seek out any weaknesses and sort them.

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