My boyfriend confessed his passion for me has died — and ripped my heart in two

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend has told me his passion for me has just died and he doesn’t want sex any more. This has ripped my heart in two.

We are 29 and we were together for two happy years. We barely argued at all and I thought our sex life was great.

Then we split up for six months when he found a new job and it seemed like the end of the line.

He turned up to see me one Saturday night and we had the best sex of our lives.

I’ve now changed my job and moved in with him. I thought we were settled for life but it’s all gone so horribly wrong.

Our sex life is now non-existent and the kissing and cuddles stopped too. He said that he feels no connection to me and he doesn’t want sex.

This has destroyed my confidence but he says he still loves me and doesn’t want us to break up.

DEIDRE SAYS: If he wants you to stay, he needs to be looking for answers and working out just why he is feeling this way.

Is he stressed out with work? Or is he scared of commitment perhaps?

Give him some space and take care of yourself. Get out and see friends.

Tell him that he has a month to seek help or decide what he wants.

Suggest that he sees a GP and even seeks counselling help if he can’t sort it out.

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