Morrisons to sell GIANT 1kg avocado that weighs the same as an EMU EGG

The enormous avocados weigh three times as much as a normal one and cost less at £2 than buying three of the fruit.

Morrisons said that each avocado – which measures up to 25cm in diameter – could make about 12 portions of avocado toast.

The supermarket is also promising that the stone won't be too big with 70 per cent of the fruit being flesh.

Morrisons' Ready to Eat Avocados two-pack costs £1.80, making the giant version better value for money as the supermarket claims it gives you three times as much avocado.

The giant avocado – which is grown in Argentina – weighs slightly more than an emu egg, which typically weighs about 0.9kg or 2lbs.

Even though the fruit are so big, Morrisons' has promised that they still taste "creamy".

Die-hard avocado fans will be delighted at the massive version – but some might complain that most of the fruit could potentially go to waste as avocados are notoriously hard to keep fresh once you cut into them.

The enormous avos will go on sale from Monday, November 12 in the majority of Morrisons stores until December 16.

They will not go on sale online so you'll have to visit your local store to see if they have some.

But they will only be available while stocks last – so if you're desperate to try one, you'll have to be quick.

Morrisons' avocado expert James Turner said: “Despite their size, these avocados still have a distinctive creamy flavour.

"The skin turns from green to black when they’re ripe, so you’ll always know when they’re ready to eat.

"Because avocados are so popular right now, we think these will fly off the shelves.”

It comes after Tesco launched an easy-peel avocado in September that has skin that comes away without any fuss.

Meanwhile Morrisons has also launched gingerbread-filled doughnuts for Christmas, which sound delicious.

And the supermarket has also started selling a giant all-day full English breakfast butty that only costs £5 in stores.

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