McVitie's 'yard' of Jaffa Cakes is back – but it's SMALLER than last year and costs the same

Fans are outraged after biscuit giant McVitie's removed eight treats from the giant festive snack.

The novelty gift still sells for £3 at several supermarkets including Tesco but the tube is smaller than last year's version, weighing 500g instead of the usual 750g.

It measures just 32 inches with only 28 inches of filling inside, compared to a full 36-inch yard.

McVitie's can no longer call the giant festive snack a "yard" as it is not long enough and it's rebranded the treat as a "Jaffa Christmas Cracker".

It now only contains 40 cakes compared to 48 in the yard-long cracker last year.

It comes a year after fans slammed the biscuit makers for reducing the size of normal Jaffa Cake packs from 12 cakes to ten.

On the company's Amazon page, the treat is being advertised as a "Jaffa Cakes Massive Xmas Tube 'A Yard of Jaffa'" despite not being a yard in length.

The cracker contains four boxes of the new standard size box of ten that was phased into shops last September.

If you stack 40 Jaffa Cakes alongside the new Christmas packaging, it's revealed that much of the cracker's length is made up of packaging.

The orange jelly-filled cult favourite hit the UK markets in the 1920s and is named after Jaffa oranges.

They were famously classed as a chocolate-covered cake rather than a biscuit at a famous tribunal in 1991 after McVitie's argued it was a cake which meant it didn't have to pay VAT on them.

The Jaffa Cake has a base of Genoise sponge, but it is often found in the biscuit aisle and its size is more akin to that of a biscuit than a cake.

But the court ruled in the biscuit giant's favour and no VAT is paid on the cake in the UK.

A spokesperson from McVitie's said: "It was over a year ago that we announced changes to the pack sizes of our Jaffa Cakes.

"These changes included more options for Jaffa lovers introducing snack and sharing style packs and also changing our standard packs from 12 cakes to ten.

"Our new seasonal 'Jaffa Cracker' consists of four individual packs of ten cakes which are stacked and designed to be gifted over the festive period.

"We understand there are online independent retailers who are misleading consumers by selling McVitie's products with incorrect information.

"Although this is not within our control we take appropriate measures to report these as soon as we're made aware."

Tesco sells a giant frozen Jaffa Cake cheesecake for £1 that has a sponge base.

For Halloween, McVities turned Jaffa Cakes red and made them strawberry flavour – but they were only on sale for a limited amount of time.

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