Katy Perry’s Pink Puffy Gown At Grammys Compared To Cotton Candy & A Tampon — Wild Memes

Anyone else craving Hostess Sno Balls? Katy Perry’s outrageous dress at the Grammys left fans screaming, as they compared her big, pink outfit to everything from tampons to pinatas!

Call it a matter of taste, but not everyone was living for Katy Perry’s Balmain dress at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 10. The pink, fluffy outfit, coupled with Katy’s platinum hair, drew comparisons to “that tiered Barbie cake we all had in the ’90s,” but this wasn’t a throwback. The dress just premiered at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week less than a month earlier. This fact didn’t impress fans, who dragged Katy’s fashion with the universal language of the Internet: memes!

“Don’t know what was an inspiration behind Katy Perry’s dress…” @Szafira tweeted, sharing pictures that depicted Katy’s dress as a paint roller, a piñata, and one of those cones of gyro meat being served up at your favorite Greek deli. “Why is Katy Perry’s dress making me hungry?” @HayleyPhil asked, sharing a picture of the aforementioned Barbie cake. Others said she basically wore cotton candy on the red carpet. “@katyperry’s dress inspo = Hostess Sno Balls,” First We Feast tweeted. Others compared the dress to your grandmother’s toilet paper koozie, cotton candy, and SpongeBob SquarePants’ Squidward “when he ate too many Krabby Patties.”

While this might seem shady of fans, Katy actually gave her thumbs up to one of the images – specifically the paint roller one. In the case of a celeb being totally comfortable in her own skin, Katy shared the picture to her Instagram. “Hi to whoever made this edit [blowing a kiss emoji],” she wrote, showing that she’s able to laugh at herself. Similarly, her friend, Anna Kendrick (who introduced Katy and Kacey Musgraves at the start of the Grammy’s Dolly Parton tribute) posted a picture of her and Katy in their all-pink ensembles, per Billboard. “When Skipper and Barbie come as a packaged set,” Anna said.

Katy pulled off a costume change for the Dolly Parton performance. She traded in fluff for fringe, as she switched into a red outfit decked with gold fringe. While some might say Katy looked similar to a lamp from the 1970s, it was the kind of glitz, glam, and camp perfect for a Dolly Parton tribute.

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