Exclusive: Octavia Spencer Faces Off Against Luke Evans in This Chilling Clip From Ma

In the upcoming Blumhouse horror film Ma, directed by The Help‘s Tate Taylor, Oscar winner Octavia Spencer plays Sue Ann, a loner who longs for companionship in her small Ohio town. And, as Spencer herself says in an introduction of our exclusive clip above, you’ve “never seen” her in a role like this before.

Things start to go awry for Sue Ann when she crosses paths with a group of teens in town, who she buys alcohol for. Despite their age gap, Sue Ann — who instructs Maggie and her friends to call her “Ma” — leaps at the opportunity to be social and invites the group back to party in the basement of her home. Of course, because this is a scary movie, this isn’t a touching story about a kindhearted group of teenagers bringing a lonely older woman out of her shell. Instead, things quickly get sinister as Ma finds it increasingly hard to let go of her new “friends” at the end of each weekend.

In our exclusive clip from Ma, you’ll see as Sue Ann is confronted by one of the teens’ fathers (Luke Evans), who reveals he’s been using a personal tracking device on his son’s car and knows that he’s been hanging out at her home. What are the odds Sue Ann will attempt to take him out by the time the film’s credits roll? You’ll just have to catch it in theaters on May 31 to find out!

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