Mum comes up with genius trick to keep her baby sleeping soundly while she grabs coffee and a shower

But one clever mum has come up with an ingenious way to squeeze in a quick shower and coffee break while her little one naps.

Parenting level 100 unlocked. #genius

The simple hack was shared on Facebook page Baby Hints and Tips.

A sweet photo shows a sleeping baby with a rubber glove gently placed across her stomach, which appears to have been filled with liquid.

This idea is that the youngster will believe her mum is still holding her, allowing her to snooze soundly.

In the caption, the mum explains: "Going on for 20 minutes now and she hasn't realised. She will crack it when she wakes up but for now I actually get to finish my coffee!"

The post quickly went viral on Facebook, racking up over 10k comments, 6.6k likes and 3.4k shares.

And it looks like other mums will soon be stocking up on rubber gloves.

Comments included: "This is just genius!" and: "Totes need to do this! My arm can't take much more of this."

Others bemoaned the fact that they hadn't seen it earlier, with one writing: "I should've seen this eight months ago."

There were even a few messages from parents who'd tried something similar who shared their own tips with the group.

One revealed: "Letting you in on a secret here… I may or may not have done this (cloth gardening gloves are nicer)."

According to, the mum who penned the original post is Melissa Dykstra.

She hails from Australia's  Gold Coast and is mama to one-month-old daughter Olivia.

Of her trick, she told the publication: "It gave me enough time for a shower and to finish my coffee while it was still hot.

"I did sit with her and she wasn't upset when she woke up, just looked a little confused.

"She's going through her first 'leap' (in her mental development) so she's been extra clingy the last few days and makes it so hard to even go to the bathroom so I thought I'd try it."

What a clever lady.

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