Girl, 16, reveals she fed her sister, 13, booze, broke the dishwasher and nearly missed her GCSEs while left 'home alone' for four days during TV experiment

Millie, 16, appears in the first episode of Alone at Home tonight, in which four sets of parents put the ultimate trust in their kids – whose ages range from eight to 16 – by leaving them to fend for themselves for four days.

Channel 4 cameras were placed in every room of the house, except the bathroom, during the four-part series and the crew were told to only intervene if someone was in danger.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital, rebellious Millie told how she and brother Ethan, 14, and sister Laurel also had an egg and flour fight which wrecked the garden and ate their takeaways sat on the table when her physiotherapist mum Natalie and stepdad Dan, a print shop manager, moved out of their Surrey home.

But the "naughtiest" thing she did was give Laurel and Ethan alcohol.

"Mum is a bit funny about (them drinking) as they're only 13 and 14," she confessed.

"If Mum was there, maybe she would’ve been alright with it, but they only had a tiny bit and it was disgusting anyway. No one felt sick afterwards."

Millie resisted throwing a party for her friends as she was worried stuff might happen that "shouldn't be recorded on camera".

Though she and her siblings did eat in the front room – something that's usually forbidden – and managed to break the dishwasher after putting washing up liquid in it.

"Apparently you’re not meant to do that," Millie said.

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"I've heard you’re meant to have lots of bubbles when you put washing up liquid in, but there wasn’t any. Nothing like that happened, it just didn’t work anymore. They (her parents) weren’t very happy really, not gonna lie."

Millie also narrowly made her GCSE textiles exam after failing to book a taxi the night before.

"I was doing my make-up and calling every taxi service and everyone was like, 'Nah, don’t have a taxi,'" she recalled.

"I was like, 'Oh my God today of all days you don’t have a taxi!' It was so annoying."

The kids blew £50 on cabs over the long weekend and the experience certainly made them realise how much their parents do for them.

"Even if mum wanted a lie-in on the day of my GCSE, if I was in a situation where I would miss my train or something, Mum would then pick me up and take me," said Millie.

"It made me appreciate what she does for us. There were certain points, like when Laurel and I were arguing, where it was quite stressful because she was getting quite upset and so was I.

"We’re used to Mum getting in between – which isn’t necessarily a good thing because it doesn’t teach us to sort it ourselves."

Though despite the mishaps, Millie said the experiment has taught her she can be independent and stand on her own two feet.

"The idea of being left alone was really exciting at first," she recalled.

"Then literally as soon as the parents left it just kicked in, all these responsibilities and what to do. I know now I can just about cope with the cleaning and stuff – and Ethan and I pulled off the roast dinner.

"It definitely it made me realise they don’t have to do everything they do for us. Mum has always treated us like babies. Now we’ve learnt how she feels every day because we’ve been in her shoes.

"If Mum asks me to do something now I’m not going to argue, I’ll be like, 'OK, I’ll get that done!'"

Alone at Home airs tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.

The second week sees full-time mum Alison, 50, and logistics consultant Andrew, 47, leave their kids Lola, 12, Travis, 10, and Charlie, 15, who has Down's Syndrome, alone in their huge West Yorkshire house.

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