Bella Hadid Makes Out with Lil Miquela in Calvin Klein Campaign

Bella Hadid is standing in an all-white space wearing nothing but a pair of black bike shoes, tonal crewneck T-shirt, and sneakers, all by Calvin Klein. As a deep blue filter fades into the screen, Bella tilts her head to the side, and an enigmatic shadow figure walks toward her.

No, the other figure was not a recognizable CK face like male model Garrett Neff, nor was it a musician like A$AP Rocky and Shawn Mendes, both of whom are currently starring in the #MyCalvins campaign. Instead, it was Lil Miquela, an AI robot influencer.

Lil Miquela has an oddly large Instagram following (1.5 million), despite not actually being a human—which is likely how she finessed a fashion campaign that most real-life models could only dream of fronting.

As Hadid and the robot begin to full-on make out, the camera pulls back from their intimate moment while Hadid’s voiceover says: “Life is about opening doors, creating new dreams, that you never knew could exist.”

Last week, the label released campaign videos and imagery featuring ten other influencers who embody the “I Speak My Truth in #MyCalvins” ethos of living a carefree and rebellious lifestyle. Amongst the roster is actor Noah Centino; rapper A$AP Rocky; model Kendall Jenner; musicians Shawn Mendes, Troye Sivan, Chika, and Billie Eilish; actors Indya Moore and Yoo Ah-In; and BROCKHAMPTON’s Kevin Abstract.

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