Writer DRAGGED On Twitter For Calling Out Train Employee For Eating On Job — LOOK!

A writer and “communications expert” named Natasha Tynes has now apparently deleted her Twitter account after her Friday morning act to call out a black employee of Washington, DC’s transit authority over eating on a train backfired — and lost Tynes a LOT of clout, including possibly a book deal!!!

It all started on Friday morning, when Tynes (pictured, above) snapped a picture of the woman eating on the subway, and sent the pic in a tweet to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), along with a complaint about how the black, female employee was eating on the train despite not being allowed to do so.

Here’s Tynes’ initial interaction with the WMATA Twitter account, calling out the black employee by name and then almost gleefully responding with more information to get the woman in trouble with her employer for the horrible sin (eye roll) of eating food on the train (below):

Really, Natasha?? REALLY???

BTW, the employee’s “worry about yourself” response is 100% correct!!!! Natasha should have listened… but she didn’t… and consequences are coming…

First, WMATA responded, and Tynes gleefully tattled away (below):

Hmm… There couldn’t possibly be ANY consequences to that, could there be?! Oh, wait, yes, there ABSOLUTELY were!!

It turns out Tynes is an author with a book about to come out — and when Twitter erupted at her for calling out the poor woman involved, the book publisher’s and distributors were quickly alerted to the controversy and hubbub, completely pulling back their support for Tynes and canceling the book’s distribution!

First, the distributor saying they would NOT work with Tynes (below):


And then, the publisher revealing that they are now considering completely dropping her, too (below):


It was far from just them, though — EVERYBODY had an opinion on Tynes’ bad behavior on Friday — as you can see with this whole series of tweets sharing reactions about her choices (below);


Tynes got dragged SO hard, she at first started blocking people left and right… then, she made her account private… and finally, she actually deleted her account! Crazy!

She deserves to be called out though — don’t you think, Perezcious readers?! How did U react when you heard about this story and read through the tweets??

Sound off on all of this and more in the comments (below)!!!

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