‘The Challenge’ Recap: Wes Fears For His Fate In The Game As UK Alliance Takes Over

The U.K. alliance is left stronger than ever after another epic win on the March 20 episode of ‘The Challenge’, leaving veteran players very concerned about their future in the game.

The March 20 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds picks up after Bear and Da’Vonne’s epic elimination win. With Bear still in the game, the U.K. alliance of him, Georgia, Theo and Ashley is stronger than ever, and they have their sights set on eliminating Paulie and Natalie. Meanwhile, Nany realizes that there are six teams left (herself/TurboJenna/Gus, Amanda/Josh, Kyle/Mattie, Paulie/Natalie and Wes/Dee) who DON’T have a member of the U.K. alliance on them, and she urges several of them to band together and start taking the Brits out. Of course, it won’t be as easy as she’s making it sound!

At the next challenge, the pairs are tied together back-to-back on a beam suspended many feet above the ground. The person walking forward is blindfolded, while the person walking backward wears a pair of Virtual Reality goggles, giving them the ability to see what their blindfolded partner would be seeing without the blindfold. The teammate walking backward must direct their partner across the beam, and the three teams who do it fastest will make up the Tribunal. This challenge is all about trust, and in the end, the top three are Wes/Dee, Bear/Da’Vonne and Jenna/Gus. Now, as always, these teams will vote three other pairs into elimination before choosing just one to compete on the Killing Floor.

The deliberation starts off simple — Jenna and Gus are voting for Amanda and Josh, which is no surprise, considering Jenna and her boyfriend, Zach, do not have a friendly history with Amanda. Meanwhile, Wes and Dee decide to ‘burn’ their vote on Ashley and Kam. However, things get intense when Bear and Da’Vonne have to put up their vote, as they cannot come to an agreement. Bear is adamant that they vote in Paulie, who is one of Da’Vonne’s allies in the game and friends in real life. She wants to put in Nany and Turbo, who neither she or Bear have ties to, but he won’t have it. They get into a massive fight about it, and in the end Bear wins. Naturally, this pisses Paulie off, and he warns Bear that he’ll no longer protect him in the game, even though he’s partnered with Da’Vonne.

Amanda is not happy with Jenna’s decision, either, and urges her to think about how Zach was playing the game before he was eliminated — Zach had turned his attention off Amanda and, instead, was targeting their common enemy, Cara. During a night out, Nany tries to broker the peace between Jenna and Amanda, and begs Jenna to think about putting her differences with Amanda aside and instead focusing her energy on getting out someone from the U.K. alliance.

The pep talk doesn’t work, though: Jenna and Gus still cast their votes for Amanda and Josh when they get to the Killing Floor, because it’s the move Jenna think is best for her game, even if it wasn’t for Zach. Bear obviously also keeps his vote for Paulie/Natalie. Da’Vonne is not sticking with her partner on this one, though, and she votes for Kam/Ashley. However, Wes and Dee decide to change up their vote and go for Josh and Amanda, which means those two are heading in.

They choose Kam/Ashley to compete against. During the elimination challenge, the teams have to use nothing but their bodies and a metal pole to make their way up giant ladders. Whoever does it faster, wins. Josh and Amanda work their way up faster, but they fall before reaching the top. That means Kam and Ashley only have to make it to the point where Josh/Amanda fell to win, and they take their time to make sure they do just that.

Once again, a U.K. team is staying in the competition, and even though Wes changed his vote at the last minute, Kam and Ashley gunning for him for choosing them in the first place. A usually confident Wes is left super worried about his fate in the game after making this enemy, and we’ll see how it plays out next week!

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